Your home is the hub of a lot of activity, from family gatherings and birthday parties to holiday meals and children’s sleepovers. With all of these events comes planning, preparation, and… plumbing! When you and your family cook, clean, or shower, you rely on the plumbing in your house to work without a hitch. Unfortunately, daily wear and tear or misuse of plumbing can lead to minor and major issues.

Clogged kitchen sink drains, water heater leads, clogged toilets, malfunctioning garbage disposals, and main sewer line issues are just a few of the reasons clients call Contreras Plumbing. We deliver prompt, professional  plumbing services and repairs that have saved many people from a holiday crisis, weekend disaster, and simple daily frustrations. We provide prompt, dependable solutions to every plumbing problem

Plumbing is a relatively invisible feature of our homes. We see our sinks, showers, and toilets, but the internal components remain hidden. The plumbing experts at Contreras Plumbing have spent years learning about the ins and outs of residential plumbing so that you don’t have to deal with it! Call us before you attempt any DIY repairs, and especially if you’re considering a home remodel — plumbing can be upgraded too!

Clogs, leaks, and other plumbing issues don’t wait for a convenient time (if there even is one!). You can rely on Contreras Plumbing for plumbing emergencies around the clock, even on Thanksgiving Day! We’re proud to serve our clients across Modesto with flexible availability. However, we know that you don’t want to wait until an emergency happens to call Contreras Plumbing. To avoid that emergency service call, here are seven clog-preventing tips from our expert plumbing team:

  • Don’t pour fats or cooking oils down drains.
  • Avoid putting stringy, fibrous, or starchy waste in the garbage disposal (such as poultry skins, celery, fruit, and potato peels).
  • Run your garbage disposal before it is full.
  • Wait 15 minutes between showers to allow water to drain.
  • Don’t flush cotton balls, swabs, facial scrub pads, or hair down the toilet as they don’t dissolve.
  • Use cold water when washing greasy dishes in the sink.
  • Inform your family and household guests of these tips.

Plumbing problems can instantly turn a great day into a disaster at your home or business. At Contreras Plumbing, we are dedicated to diagnosing and repairing any plumbing issues in your bathroom or at the office kitchen. Our plumbers are friendly and listen to all of your concerns. Whether you’re mildly annoyed by a dripping faucet or frantically stuffing towels under your bursting pipes, contact Contreras Plumbing today for quick, dependable service in Modesto.