Though it may seem indestructible, your home’s plumbing system is made up of lots of different parts that can break, jam, or become clogged easily. Over time, faucets leak, shower drains clog, garbage disposals jam, water pressure drops, and the list goes on, making it important to hire a plumbing contractor for regular inspections and maintenance. Contreras Plumbing is proud to be the Top Rated Local® plumbing company in Modesto, and we’ve solved many plumbing problems for home and business owners in the foothills of Northern California, as well as the surrounding Central California areas. Contact our local plumbers if you are in need of a professional plumbing service, or continue reading to learn about the 10 most common plumbing problems people experience.

Leaky Faucets

Over the last three decades, our plumbing contractors have fixed more leaky faucets than we can count. In fact, this type of plumbing problem is so common that nearly everyone has dealt with it at some point, whether that be at home, at work, at a hotel, or at a rental property. You’ll know you need a leaky faucet repair if your sink drips constantly and your water bills are soaring through the roof. If you’re wondering how to fix a leaky faucet, don’t worry. Our plumbers have the right tools to replace the washer inside your faucet, which has likely become worn down, stiff, or displaced over the years.

Clogged Drains

Another common plumbing issue people experience is clogged drains, such as clogged sink drains or clogged shower drains. Usually, this is the result of a blockage in the pipes that is preventing the water from draining, like a clump of hair or soap buildup. If your bathroom sink fills up when you turn on the water or your shower water pools at your feet, you’ll likely need to hire a professional plumber who knows how to unclog a drain. Just give us a call, and one of our plumbing contractors will snake your drain for you, dislodging any kind of blockage that is inhibiting normal water drainage. Note: avoid dumping a drain unclogging agent down the sink or shower drain repeatedly, as these harsh chemicals can cause damage to your pipes over time.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are also common in households and places of business, especially those that don’t enforce strict rules about what should and shouldn’t go down the toilet. When excessive toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, Q-tips, and other items make their way into your toilet, this can cause major clogs that can’t be fixed with a plunger. If you’ve tried plunging the toilet over and over to no avail, give our local plumbers a call, and we’ll use a sewer snake or drain auger to clear the pipes. Running toilets are another issue that require the help of a professional plumber, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any issues with your toilet water running or overflowing, or if your sewer system is backing up.

Water Heater Not Working

Hot water heaters can be finicky, and you’ll need to schedule regular water heater maintenance to prevent costly water heater repairs or replacements down the road. A telltale sign of a broken water heater is that cold water comes out of your sinks and shower heads, even when you crank the hot dial all the way on. There are lots of potential issues that may cause your traditional or tankless water heater to stop working, including burnt-out pilot lights, sediment buildup, and a faulty thermostat. Only an experienced plumbing contractor will be able to identify the root of the problem and fix your water heater, so save time and energy by calling for help.

Leaking Pipes

When a pipe begins to leak, this can cause extensive water damage in a home or business if it isn’t addressed immediately. Slow pipe leaks in the walls, for example, can cause boards to warp and mold to form in the floors, ceilings, and walls, making your space unsafe to inhabit. Not only that, but damp environments make the perfect breeding ground for many different insects and pests, such as cockroaches and moths. Water damage isn’t cheap to repair, so do yourself a favor and have the best plumber you know tackle the issue before it becomes a larger problem and you find yourself calling an exterminator or water damage contractor.

Low Water Pressure

Older homes and businesses are prone to water pressure issues, as this is usually a sign of leaking pipes that have never been addressed, causing them to wear down or become corroded. If you turn on the sink or shower and only get a slow drip of water, odds are good you’re dealing with a leaky pipe or sediment and mineral deposits building up on the aerators. Rather than guessing about the cause of the issue and dismantling your sink, hire a local plumber to assess the situation and provide a plumbing estimate to fix the problem.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Of all the plumbing components in your home or business, the garbage disposal is typically the most abused. Often, people treat their garbage disposal like a waste bin, dumping grease, bones, fruit pits, and other items down the drain. Even things like potato peels and cornhusks can jam your garbage disposal, as it was not meant to handle these types of food. If you are dealing with a jammed or broken garbage disposal, don’t stick your hand down the drain to try and unclog it yourself. Instead, have a professional plumber take a look at the issue and offer a safe solution.

Use Our Local Plumbing Services In Modesto, CA

There are many other common household plumbing problems we didn’t touch on in this blog post, which we’ll explore in the future. If you are experiencing any of the plumbing issues listed above, don’t hesitate to give our local plumbers a call. We’d be more than happy to assess the situation and provide an estimate for our plumbing services, no matter what the problem is. Contact us today for a free plumbing quote and a convenient plumbing repair!